Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Go Fly A Kite

Yesterday’s weather was a real taste of spring. I was fortunate to get a chance to do something that is not a regular occurrence – my youngest son (7 years old) and I went to the park to fly a kite. We really took advantage of the new, earlier change in the clocks!

Usually – especially during the winter basketball season – we are running from one activity to the next, or completing school homework, or inside due to the cold. But, this nicer weather allows for more time outside and, in our house, the spring season seems a bit less hectic.

So, yesterday, there was enough time to pause to think about flying a kite. There is something special about a kite and a young child. When the wind takes hold of the kite and it rises, you can bet that a smile is sure to come to the young flier’s face. And then, there is the inevitable drop of the string – and the chase.

Routines – daily tasks – are necessary and important. But creating special memories is something that makes for a unique day. This is true in our schools as well. The school days with unique happenings are the ones that our students are able to look back upon with such good thoughts. Our elementary teachers seem to have a special talent to recognize and capitalize on such happenings, though it can occur at any grade level.

Yesterday, I understood why it is important to find these unique activities and weave them into our busy days.

I encourage you to dig out an old kite – or go buy a nice, new one. Or, find some other fun activity that you have set aside and have not had time to get back to in a while. Enjoy the extra daylight or take a break from your routine. In the end, you will be creating memories that will be enjoyed for years to come.

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