Thursday, March 01, 2007

Jr.-Sr. High School Evacuation

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Today, the Junior-Senior High School experienced a false alarm bomb threat. The school administration evacuated the building and then chose, in conversation with our local city police, to move the children to our relocation sites – Jr. High students to Kemble Methodist Church and the Sr. High students to St. Patrick’s parish hall.

The police worked quickly to assess the situation and provided the school administration with the word when all was safe to return to the building. We were at the evacuation sites for less than an hour and the entire process was under two hours – including walking to and from the sites.

The police helped to ensure safe passage to and from the evacuation sites. The students were under the supervision of the professional staff at all times. Our students were cooperative and well behaved during this event. The police will continue their investigation to help ensure that similar disruption to school time does not occur again.

This letter has been provided to our students to communicate to you information regarding the event. Additionally, this letter has been posted on the district’s web site. Due to the fact that the high school kitchen prepares lunches for the elementary schools, there was some impact on their schedule as well. Plans were put into place to ensure that all students would be fed – the fact that we returned so quickly to the building helped in this process.

After an event like this, we assemble administratively to assess our emergency management plans and look for ways to improve for any future occurrence. As you are aware, we practiced an emergency evacuation earlier this year. Today’s happening will take the place of our scheduled second practice of an emergency relocation.

We do believe that our planning and practice helps us during these unexpected events. We are appreciative of our supportive and cooperative students and staff.


Joseph Jones, III

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