Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Student Recognition

Terrific Kids at Evergreen School

February 2007

The "Terrific Kids" Program is run in conjunction with the Woodbury Kiwanis Club. This is a monthly program that runs throughout the school year. The following students were recognized in February at Evergreen:

1st grade:
Bryan Moye
I’Asia Shabazz

2nd grade:
Kyle Bailey
Jessica Cordero

3rd grade:
Dominique Reed-Hall
Dionte McDaniel

4th grade:
Bless Arrison
Randi Grasso

5th grade:
Dara Robinson
Kerry Headrick

Additional Recognition:
Charles Wilborne

Note: The blog is still catching on, and I am still working on getting good notification on various student recognition that can be passed along for further publicity. Hang in there -- this is truly an experiment in progress!


Deneen said...

As an alumni(a)(us) of WHS, I appreciate your blog. It is a great way for me to keep up with what is going on in the district.

Thanks for bringing information forward in an innovative way.

Joseph Jones said...

Thanks for posting. One of the things that has been enjoyable about this blog has been to hear about how far the readership reaches. It is nice that some alumni have found to be a way to stay in touch.

Hope all is well with your life after WHS!