Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Home Stretch

Welcome Back – from our Memorial Day Weekend. I hope that you were able take in the local Woodbury parade. Also, it was a nice weekend to enjoy time with family and friends.

I feel like I have already posted about the final stretch, but I find the idea relevant again as we make it back to school from our last holiday for the year. June is upon us –- this Friday is June 1! The benefit of the new HVAC system in three of our buildings is that most of the classrooms now allow us to continue the academic work in an optimal environment.

Though these spring days can present challenges –- with baseball and softball games and longer days while the sun lingers into the evening hours -- I encourage you to help keep the children focused on their school responsibilities. Do they have any homework? When are they going to get it done? It is important to finish the year in a strong fashion.

I think I write all this because of how much a struggle this is in the Jones house. Some of these spring days make my kids (and my wife and me!) feel like we have already moved into summer.

Anything we can do to help keep the children on track will be helpful. And, our children’s teachers will be thankful!

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