Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tomatosphere @ Evergreen

Astronaut Mike Fincke holds a bag of tomato seeds for the EPO Tomatosphere II project in the SM during Expedition 9.

Mrs. Platt, teacher at the Evergreen Avenue Elementary School, reports that her students have been part of the Tomatosphere NASA project. They planted and observed tomato seeds during their germination period. Some of the seeds they grew were part of a control group, and some were on board the International Space Station.

Mrs. Platt reports that they were very successful and that the students now have four-week-old seedling. The students will be taking some home to plant, and they have offered staff members in the school to join the effort and place a plant in a sunny garden to grow this summer.

Mrs. Platt is asking for a report on how well the plants produce fruit when everyone returns to school next year. How exciting!

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