Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Top 5

Last night, the top five academic students in the senior class at all high schools in Gloucester County were honored as a program sponsored by various educational groups in the county. The function was held at Auletto’s Catering.

Woodbury was represented by the following graduating seniors:

Danielle Bowen (Rider University, Undecided)
Alexis Gassner (Rutgers University, Ecological/Biological Science)
Rebecca Schaffer (Ramapo College, Nursing)
Christian Strey (Rutgers University, Undecided)
Lesley Wagner (University of Scranton, Marketing)

Parents were invited to join the students for the dinner. Each student was presented with a plaque and certificate to commemorate the accomplishment.

The keynote speaker was a recent graduate of Glassboro High School and Princeton University – Rob Moore. Mr. Moore spoke about how he was able to be involved and successful in a wide variety of activities while at Glassboro. He indicated that, at Princeton, he had to become more focused and find the one thing that interested him most. He decided that he should focus on what he was most excited about – what he did well and did because it was fun. For Mr. Moore, his interest was in all things entrepreneurial. You can read more about this impressive young man at the following site:

Rob Moore, Princeton University

A school like Woodbury High School allows for our students to participate in many different activities. These experiences help students reflect on what interests them most – what that one thing will be that they ultimately choose to be the focus of their energy. High school is a time to explore, and Woodbury High School offers a great opportunity for this exploration.

Congratulations to Woodbury’s top five! Enjoy your next four years looking to focusing on that one thing you want to do. And good luck to all our undergraduates who are following in your footsteps.

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