Monday, May 07, 2007

Poetry, continued . . .

And their teacher, Mrs. Jess, provided two examples of the poems --

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring
written by: Maria Berggren

So long my rosy cheeks,
So long my frosty feet,
So long frozen icicles
and hail and stormy sleet.

Bye-bye to bare trees,
Bye-bye to having no bees,
Bye-bye to snow ball fights
and my freezing knees.

Welcome jogging,
Welcome bike riding,
Welcome Daylight Savings
and planting seeds.

Howdy! spring showers,
Howdy! planting flowers,
Howdy! healthy green grass
And playing in the sun for hours.

My World of Red
written by: Eli Zarzecki

A bottle of red paint
An old fire hydrant
A fall leaf
A fire truck’s siren
Crunching leaves under my feet
The American flag blowing in the wind
A scrumptious bottle of ketchup
A spicy bottle of hot sauce
A juicy apple
A strong, hard brick wall
A squishy watermelon
A soft red electric blanket
Red may take you to a nightmare

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