Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Evergreen Ave. School Dance

(This entry was written by Mrs. Breland, Evergreen Avenue Elementary School Principal)

Evergreen Ave. School sponsored its first school dance, inviting parents and family members. The dance was not your typical school dance, where a boy asks a girl to the dance. It was inclusive of everyone. Over 200 students, parents/guardians, teachers and neighbors all joined in the fun, making the dance successful.

Students had been practicing their dance moves for weeks in gym class. In addition to learning about sports and games, students learned group dances such as the “Chicken Dance”, “Cotton-eyed Joe,” “Cha Cha Slide,” etc. They were able to put their moves into practice Thursday night. All proceeds for the dance will go towards student activities. The PTO partnered with the school and provided pizza and drinks for attendees for a nominal fee.

Excitement was in the air as large groups of students moved across the floor in unison. What a great evening of fun and community.

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Anonymous said...

I hear it was a great time. Mr. Richardson had plans for that evening, but will make sure he shows up for the next dance to get his boogie on!!!