Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Junior High Smartboards

After the success of our laptop initiative in the elementary schools (K-5): COWs -- Computers On Wheels, we wanted to enhance technology opportunities into our sixth grade. This year, with the renovation of the Annex classrooms (the building that houses our 6th grade classes), we added Smartboards to each classroom.

Each Smartboard is permanently mounted to the classroom wall and utilizes a fix, ceiling mounted projector. This set-up allows for easy, daily access by the teacher to the technology. In addition to these eight 6th grade classrooms, we also installed new Smartboards into the 7th & 8th grade mathematics and science classrooms.

Our teachers are already excited about the possibilities. There are many opportunities to provide interactive lessons for students. Also, there is a wealth of prepared teacher support items that can be accessed and used to enhance lessons.

Below, I have included two links to youtube clips. One shows a student at the Smartboard completing an interactive mathematics fraction matching game. The other is a quick, comprehensive overview of the Smartboard technology.

As you can imagine, it is likely that it will not be long before this item becomes a standard teaching tool in all classrooms.

Interactive Math Game: Sample 1

5 minute Overview: Sample 2

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