Monday, September 15, 2008

Play Ball

A fun time can be had during any of the three sports seasons (fall, winter, or spring) as a spectator of a Woodbury High School team. A schedule for the sporting events is very easy to get on line.

Go to the school district site ( On the drop down menu across the top, move your cursor to “Athletics” and then click “Schedules” on the menu that drops down.

This will take you to a “two-day” look at what is happening. You can then switch to a week-long view, month-long view, or a view by sport.

Take a look now while you are thinking about it to see how easy it is to find out when and where a team is playing. It will be a resource that you can turn to throughout the year for any sport in any of the three seasons.

If your child is an elementary student, it is still a fun time to come out and watch the “big kids” play a sport that he or she may be currently participating in at a youth level.


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