Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Greater Woodbury Cooperative Ministries

(This information was passed along by a Woodbury resident, and I was asked to share it.)

The Greater Woodbury Cooperative Ministries here in the city started the Food Pantry about ten years ago. Its present location is on the corner of S. Barber Street and Evergreen Avenue.

The group indicates that their needs have grown immensely, especially in these increasingly difficult economic times. Currently, they are participating in a matching funds challenge, sponsored by a gentleman in Rhode Island, Alan Feinstein. Mr. Feinstein is offering a $1 million dollar matching challenge to hunger fighting organizations nationwide.

For each dollar donated or food item given during March and April, Mr. Feinstein will match the gift proportionally among all agencies that participate. The minimum he will give is $250 and the most $40,000!

The Greater Woodbury Cooperative Ministries is looking to use this as an opportunity to increase their ability to help those less fortunate. Anything that you are able to contribute would be welcomed.

You can give to your local Woodbury church, drop off your donation at the Food Bank (located in the Seventh Day Adventist Church) or mail it to GWCM at 124 N. Broad St., Woodbury, NJ 08096.

Feinstein Foundation

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