Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Random Wednesday Thought

This snow has made for a crazy week. Being in the house due to the weather caused for some extra attention to a new phenomenon here at the Joneses -- Cosco!

All the items around the house now are beginning to become much larger -- the size of the ketchup, the giant jar of whole cashews, the many tubes of toothpaste, the overflowing container of lettuce, the huge bag of apples, . . .

You get the idea. We live about a 1/4 mile away from an ACME and, as a result, it has been like a local WAWA/Heritages to us. For the last seventeen years that we have lived here, we have been very regular (almost daily, at times!) visitors to that store.

Now -- the economic times have finally driven us to the wholesale food stores. And, everywhere I turn the size of an item reminds me of the switch that is in progress.

My wife went into ACME the other day and a number of people commented on how they have not seen her in the store recently. Sorry ACME, we do feel a bit like traitors.

Change is never easy!

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