Friday, March 20, 2009

Spotlight on Mr. Braddock

Mr. Thomas Braddock

Assistant Principal

Woodbury Jr. High School

• Name:
Thomas A. Braddock

• College(s) and degrees(s):
Saint Joseph's University BA, International Relations
Gwynedd-Mercy College MS, Educational Administration

• Work experience:
2001-2009 Rancocas Valley Regional High School, Mount Holly, NJ - Teacher and Director of Human Relations

1999-2001 NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science, Arlington, VA - Program Development Specialist

• Favorite books:

o fiction: The Harry Potter Series
o nonfiction: The one I am working on, World Peace Starts at School

• Favorite television show:
Everybody Loves Raymond

• Last movie I loved:

• Music CD that I have almost worn out from repeated playing:
Free to Worship, Cindy Cruse-Ratcliff and the Lakewood Church Choir & Orchestra

• Person (living or not) that I’d like to have lunch with and why:
My grandmother. She was one of my best friends and a very wise woman. I miss my conversations with her.

• Visiting this place makes me peaceful: The eternal flame room at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. I used to meditate and read in there for hours at a time.

• One item on my “to do” list that I can’t seem to get to:
Finish my book.

• Favorite animal (domestic or wild):
The bald eagle

• Favorite sports team:
All Philadelphia teams (Eagles, Flyers, Phillies and Sixers)

• Destination of my fantasy vacation trip:
A summer cruise around the world with stops in Ireland, France, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Greece, Lebanon (my wife's birthplace), Israel, Egypt, India, Australia, China, Japan, Pacific Islands, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

• Details about the teacher I will never forget who inspired me to enter the profession:
George Corcoran is the reason I decided to become an educator. I do not remember every last detail of what he taught me and my classmates in his Psychology course at Rancocas Valley Regional High School. What I do remember is how he made me feel. Every day I walked into his room excited for class. Mr. Corcoran always made learning fun and engaging. He shared stories with the class that were full of character. He taught us life lessons you could not find within the pages of our book. He always went the extra mile to help me to succeed. Mr. Corcoran pushed me to realize my potential and he continues to do so to this day. I entered this profession hoping that I could impact the lives of children the same way George Corcoran has impacted my own.

• My favorite educational quote:

“Kids don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

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