Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Literacy in Action

(Ms. Jones' 6th grade class received a surprise delivery last week. She provided this entry about the event.)

The sixth graders in Ms. Jones’s literacy class received a very special delivery this week! Last month, each student had written a letter of gratitude to Sgt. Earl Watkins, father of sixth-grader Nee’Asia Watkins. Sgt. Watkins of the U.S. Army recently left Woodbury for special training in Oklahoma to prepare for deployment to Iraq later this year.

He was so thankful to receive these well-wishes from home that he took time out of his busy training schedule to write a special postcard to each sixth-grader from whom he had received a letter. The students were excited to receive their personalized military postcards and were even more excited to see the special gift that Sgt. Watkins and his troops had included - a beautiful 3’ x 5’ American flag signed by the men and women serving along with Sgt. Watkins.

Ms. Jones and her students will hang the flag in a special place of honor in their classroom so that it may remind them each day of the dedication and courage of our troops. It also serves as a reminder that we have many local heroes right here in Woodbury sacrificing time with their families to help keep our country safe.

This flag is truly a one-of-a-kind gift that will be treasured for years to come. Thank you to Sgt. Watkins, Nee’Asia, her family, and the troops for their help in this project!

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