Thursday, September 14, 2006

Contact Us

If you have a question -- no matter how insignificant you feel it may be -- ask. In today’s world, it is simple to reach out by e-mail and leave a message for your child’s teacher, counselor, nurse, or principal. All will be interested in helping you.

Our e-mail addresses can be found at each school location on the district website:

Also, our phone system has voicemail capabilities. All schools can be contacted by using our general number: 856-853-0123. The extensions for individuals are listed on the website in the same location email addresses are found.

We want to hear about your questions or concerns so that we can help work through matters with you. It is important that we keep our lines of communication open and active.

By working together, we hope to make the 2006-07 school year a good one for you, too, as parents/guardians.

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