Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Today, we welcome our students back to school. They will be provided with a lot of information about the school year ahead.

Though this blog provides a bit of school news for you, you may be interested in the links that are listed in the column to the right on the blog's main page. These links will give you access to even more information about the issues that impact the Woodbury Public Schools.

Woodbury Public Schools
You are probably aware of the school site. This link will take you to our official district site.

City of Woodbury
This is the official site of the city of Woodbury. There is a wealth of information about the city found here. This site is an important resource for any resident.

New Jersey Department of Education
The NJDOE site has a section dedicated to New Jersey parents. A wide variety of resources are provided to keep you informed about the state educational practices and expectations.

United Stated Department of Education
This is the national educational site. The most significant national issue facing local schools is the impact of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation. This site will provide you information about NCLB and other federal educational initiatives.

Education Week

Education Week is a weekly, national newspaper that focuses on educational matters. It is a very popular source for current information on school related matters. This link is to the official website of the newspaper and provides access to the stories that appear in the hardcopy.

The location of these links will provide you easy access to any of this educational information throughout the school year.

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