Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday Spotlight

On Friday's, I plan to spotlight a Woodbury Public School District employee. Initially, I will publish information regarding our new employees. It will be a chance for you to get to know a bit more about those who have recently joined the Woodbury school community.

This year, we have added administrators, teachers and support staff across the district. Today, I will provide you a listing of these individuals. In future Friday postings, the focus will be on a single individual and more detailed.

New Administrators:

*Denise Dunham, Jr.-Sr. High Principal
*Steven Morris, Sr. High Assistant Principal
*Mark Napoleon, Jr. High Assistant Principal

*Vince Myers, West End Memorial Principal


Jr.-Sr. High School
*Antoinette Allen -- Math
*Derek Blumenthal -- Math
*Sherri Lynn Cairns -- Special Education
*Steven Gallatig -- Social Studies
*Daniel Howey -- Guidance Counselor
*Antoinette Rizzi -- Math
*Jacqueline Rosario -- Special Education
*Gary Roskoski -- School Psychologist
*Gary Scavette -- Science
*Scott Sokolic -- Science
*Elizabeth Warden -- ESL

West End Memorial
*Karen Capozzi -- Speech-Language Specialist
*Danielle Harrison -- Grade 2
*Tracy Weist -- Special Education

*Thilana Chandler -- Special Education
*Dana Frazier -- Grade 2
*Bobbi Sue McArthur -- Grade 1

Support Staff:

*Kathy Chando -- Main Office Secretary, Evergreen
*Joann vanOyen -- Main Office Secretary, West End
*Ellen Hance -- Main Office Clerk, West End

Additionally, we have added a number new instructional assistants, classroom and lunchroom aides, and custodial support people to fill vacancies in these areas.

We welcome everyone and know that each will play an important role in the overall, continued success of our district.

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