Friday, September 15, 2006

Spotlight on . . .

I am still assembling the information for the Friday employee spotlight postings. In the meantime, let me put the spotlight on two kind acts associated with our “Got Tickets?” campaign:

Part One
Two of our teachers, Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Cammarota, read the “Got Tickets?” posting on this blog and, in conversation with the owner at Ciconte’s Italia Pizza (Crown Point Road, West Deptford), secured a donation of vouchers for over 150 tickets to this Sunday’s Camden Rivershark’s baseball game.

We extended an invitation to claim these vouchers to our 6th graders and their families. The tickets will be distributed today.

We thank Ciconte’s Pizza for their contribution to this effort!

Part Two
Our own Vince Myers, principal of West End Memorial School, has donated two tickets to a 76ers game in January against Milwaukee. This donation provides us a bit more time to coordinate the distribution; we will look to find a family who will be able to provide a child a chance to attend this professional athletic event that would not have occurred otherwise. Thank you, Mr. Myers!

[For more information on the “Got Tickets?” campaign, see the September 7, 2006 posting. Again, we thank those responsible for getting us off to such a quick start.]

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