Monday, September 04, 2006

"Lawn Party" -- Tomorrow

Reminder: We are hosting a welcoming “Lawn Party” for our new administrators. The event takes place Tuesday, September 5, between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. on the front lawn of the Jr.-Sr. High School.

Please stop by at any time during the event to say hello and welcome the following individuals to their new positions:

Woodbury Jr.-Sr. High School
• Denise Dunham, Jr.-Sr. High Principal
• Steven Morris, Sr. High Assistant Principal
• Mark Napoleon, Jr. High Assistant Principal

West End Memorial
• Vince Myers, Principal


Anonymous said...

Is it TUESDAY the 5th OR THURSDAY the 7th? Your article states TUESDAY the 7th!

Joseph Jones said...

Oops! Sorry. It was today, September 5. We had a decent turnout despite the poor weather.

If you didn't get a chance to make it to the welcoming program (hard to call it a Lawn Party – we moved it indoors), be sure to introduce yourself to the new administrators when you have an opportunity to meet during the school year.

We appreciate all who were able to come out and greet our new administrators today.

Joseph Jones said...

For those of you who are actually following along with these comments, I went back and changed the original post to read September 5 . . . just to practice how to edit posts that are already "published." It looks like that worked!

Have a good day. And, if you are finding the blog of interest, please tell others about it.

Hugheesy said...

It was a little disappointing that you held the "lawn party" from 4-6 pm. I don't believe you took into consideration those parents who work from 9-5 when you decided to host this affair, not to mention those who happen to work across the bridge which means in nasty weather (like yesterday) there would be even more of a delay in getting home. In the future, it would be nice if you kept us in mind when scheduling these types of events.
PS: I'm impressed. This is a great tool to have at our fingers. I will definitely pass on the word!

Joseph Jones said...

Yes. It was an unusual time for us to choose, but it was a different type of event. As I am sure you are aware, many of our activities are evening events. It seemed that this “lawn party” was a bit different – we were not serving a meal, it was designed for people to simply drop by to say hello, etc. I suspect that it would be hard to find a time that works for everyone, but your concerns regarding the working parent/guardian are valid issues.

Thanks for sharing the concern, and I am glad that you are find the blog to be of interest.