Thursday, September 21, 2006

Elementary School Family Nights

Woodbury Public Schools has a long tradition of offering Family Nights to the community. These special events invite parents and their children to spend a couple hours together exploring an instructional topic in an engaging (and fun!) way.

Maybe, over the years, you have come to a Family Math Night at West End School and learned about math manipulatives. Possibly you have attended a Family Literacy Night at Evergreen Avenue School and worked at learning stations that all had a pirate theme before reading a picture book about pirates with your child.

This year Woodbury is fine tuning it's Family Night program and opening our doors to interested families no matter which of the three elementary schools your child attends. Our Family Nights will be by grade level and offered throughout the year.

Flyers will be sent home with students in advance of each event and we are planning to get the details onto our school district website. This blog entry is informational -- so that you have an idea of what is in store for this year. There will be at least one Family Night event for each grade level.

Check your son's or daughter's backpack for a Family Night flyer three weeks before a Family Night is scheduled for his/her grade level. Then please be sure to register by completing the form, indicate the number of family members who will be attending, and return it to school with your child.

(Note that the calendar in this year’s student/parent handbook also indicates when these elementary Family Nights occur.)

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