Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Welcome to the Woodbury White & Gold -- blog edition! This site has been officially "up" for a few days, and I am pleased that it has attracted some attention already. This is my formal "welcome" post.

This blog will be an added effort on my part to keep the school community informed regarding school events and happenings as well as other issues connected to education at large. You are welcome to visit and view the posts for informational purposes only. Also, you are welcome to add comments -- if you feel the urge! Though you may post comments anonymously, if we all use our names, this may spark broader conversation in the community.

For now, I will try to post each weekday. Though the site currently lists other contributors to the postings, it is now a solitary effort. In time, I believe that I will need assistance from colleagues to maintain the daily postings.

Welcome to blogging. This is my first venture down this path, but I see some real benefits. The Woodbury Public Schools have much to offer the city and the students who attend Woodbury Public Schools. We are proud of our work and always look for ways to continue to improve what we do – including our communication efforts.

We look forward to an exciting 2006-07 school year. Join us -- here, virtually speaking, on the blog, and in real time, with a visit to Woodbury Public Schools!

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