Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Woodbury National Honor Society Sale

The students in the Woodbury High School National Honor Society are undertaking their first international service project -- sponsoring a BeadforLife sale.

The following information is from the NHS in an effort to help advertise their sale:

BeadforLife is a unique community development project that builds economic and cultural bridges between impoverished women in Kampala, Uganda and concerned citizens in North America, Europe and Australia. Through the sale of beautiful handmade jewelry, the project generates income for Ugandan bead makers and their families and supports several thousand people. The beaders are women living with HIV as well as refugees displaced by a devastating civil war that has been raging in northern Uganda for nineteen years. Many are widows who take care of AIDS orphans in addition to their own children, and most of the beaders live in one-room mud huts with no windows, electricity, or running water.

The resilience of these women and their hard work is an inspiration. Although they do not have many possessions, they are rich in traditions, values, and their belief in a greater spiritual presence. They have gratitude for the smallest kindness or opportunity, and they have a remarkable strength that comes from surviving great struggles.

BeadforLife beads are made from colorful recycled paper. Each page is carefully chosen and then cut into thin triangular strips to create the most appealing beads. The beaders carefully roll, glue, and varnish each bead, and matching beads are then strung together with glass beads to make colorful and exquisite jewelry, including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, anklets, and purses. These handmade items have an African flair and are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Each piece is unique and would make a distinctive gift – a gift that helps wonderful people rise out of destitute poverty.

Please visit their website at www.beadforlife.com. The money from purchases of Beadforlife items will go far in the hands of the beaders and be used primarily for food, rent, medicine, and school expenses. Four dollars buys a pair of shoes; ten dollars pays the monthly rent; twenty dollars provides AIDS medicines for one month. Your participation and generosity do make a difference and are greatly appreciated.

  • BeadForLife

  • The NHS will be selling the jewelry at Back-to-School Night on Sept. 28th, 2006 in the New Cafeteria. You may see Miss Knauss prior to that time for a sneak preview. Beadwear prices range from $5.00 to $30.00. The Woodbury NHS asks that you please help them help others.

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