Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New School Resource Officer

The Woodbury City Police Department and the Woodbury City Schools have a strong working relationship. One way that lines of communication are maintained is through the School Resource Officer Program.

Effective the beginning of this calendar year, a new School Resource Officer, Patrolman Daniel Steigerwald, was assigned to the school district. Officer Steigerwald has been provided specialized training through the police department to maximize his effectiveness in a school setting.

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, Officer Steigerwald has been in and about all of the city schools getting to know the buildings and the people. Though a majority of his time will be spent in connection with the Jr.-Sr. High School, he will have a presence in our elementary schools as well.

The School Resource Officer program has been a valuable program for Woodbury and other school districts. We welcome Officer Steigerwald and wish him well in his new assignment.

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Anonymous said...

Most parents do not fully understand the positive impact of the school resource officer. Through my experience in the middle and junior high levels as an “active in education” father, I see firsthand the value these men and women have on campus.

Over the last 10 years, I helped lead a program designed to get fathers and father-figures started and active in my children’s elementary and middle schools. The purpose and vision of this program was safety and positive male role models. Due to the challenge of 65-85% of students in some schools / school districts who live in a single parent home, typically with mom, the program did not have the ability to serve all communities nationally.

To help support personal responsibility, safety and education, Schools And Families Engaged (the S.A.F.E. TEAM on Campus) was launched in 2008 to meet the needs of schools and families. Many of our school's families do not know where to begin in school. Many parents today never had an example of their parents supporting the school, let alone having a personal schooling experience they enjoyed. Why would they have a desire to serve? You only know what you have experienced.

Provide support for your school, families, community and school resource officers. Make time to check out our site On the About SAFE page, click on the 40 Developmental Assets link. This reference will tie in all the benefits of families and communities supporting their students both in school and out of school.