Thursday, January 15, 2009

Teachers of the Year: Nomination Process

(This information is going home with our students this week. Please give the idea of a nomination some serious consideration as we complete this annual process to select our Teachers of the Year.)

Dear Community Member:

The Woodbury City Public School District will be participating in the Governor’s Teacher Recognition Program. I am asking you to help in the district’s selection process by nominating the faculty member (teacher or educational services professional) you feel has made the greatest contribution to your child’s education. The deadline for entries is Monday, February 2, 2009.


Joseph Jones, III

Selection Criteria: Teachers - distinguished themselves through exceptional contributions in effective instructional techniques and methods; productive classroom climate and rapport with students; and development of feelings of self-worth and love of learning in students. Educational services professionals (i.e., nurses, librarian, counselors, Child Study Team staff members) - interact positively with students, staff and parents while functioning as a frontline advocate for the student between home and school.

Please return by Monday, February 2, 2009, to the Superintendent’s Office of the Woodbury City Public School District, 25 North Broad Street, Woodbury, New Jersey 08096; Fax: (856) 853-0704.

Name of Nominee:


Reason for Nomination (Attach Additional Paper if Needed):

Nominated by:

Phone number where you can be reached in the event more information is needed:

(The hard copy of this information is going home with the students. If you would like to simply send in your nomination electronically, you can do that by e-mailing the above information to my secretary: Stacy Hoffman --

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