Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Teacher of the Year -- Final Call

Thanks to all who have already nominated a teacher from one of our schools for this year's Teacher of the Year recognition program.

Our teacher's do get a chance to see the words written after the process is complete; the words are retyped and provided to the teacher in an anonymous manner. Often, the receipt of the words in these nominations is more meaningful than who ultimately is selected as this year's "winner." Simply having a chance to hear nice words about the positive impact on a single child's life is very uplifting.

I encourage you to submit an entry, if you have not done so to date. You have until next Monday, February 2, to drop one by the Superintendent's office. (These can also be handed in to any of the school main offices -- they will be then sent to the Superintendent's office from there.)

Thank you.

See the post from January 15, 2009 for more information.

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